Chicago Fire: Who is Kyle and what’s his connection to Brett?

Chicago Fire: Who is Kyle and what’s his connection to Brett?

Remember Kyle Sheffield? The character may not ring a bell for Chicago Fire fans who have joined in the past couple seasons, but those who have been watching for a long time may experience an “a-ha” moment.

In short, Sheffield was Fire Chaplain for the Chicago Fire Department. He took over the role after Bill Orlovsky (Gordon Clapp) retired in season 7, and he stayed on throughout season 8. It was a relatively short stint in comparison to the main cast, but Sheffield made a huge impression on at least one of the characters that still work the 51.

Did Brett did Kyle Sheffield on Chicago Fire?
The character in question is Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). Sheffield (Teddy Sears) and Brett hit things off right away, and their romance blossomed into a pretty serious relationship by the beginning of season 8.

It was here that Sheffield was assigned a position as a Peer Support Director in Indiana, and decided to propose to Brett before he left. He decided that he’d rather take their relationship to the next level than end things, and to the surprise of the rest of the 51, Brett accepted.

The couple moved to Fowlerton for a brief time, and things seemed to be going well, but it was never going to last. Brett realized that she missed her profession and her life in Chicago, and she decided to break things off with Sheffield so she could resume her medic duties.

Little has been said about Sheffield since. The character presumably continued to live and work in Fowlerton, though actress Kara Killmer has gone on record to state that an “old love” from Brett’s past will appear in the upcoming season of Chicago Fire, which means we might not have seen the last of Sheffield.

The character would make sense as a returning presence, given that he was generally well-liked by the 51 and did not leave on bad terms. It would also be an interesting juxtaposition if Sheffield were to return, given that Brett is in the midst of a long distance relationship with another person who decided to move away: Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). The dramatic ironies write themselves.