‘Yellowstone’s Denim Richards Reveals Secrets Behind Unforgettable Colby, Teeter Beatdown Scene

‘Yellowstone’s Denim Richards Reveals Secrets Behind Unforgettable Colby, Teeter Beatdown Scene

With the fifth season premiere of Yellowstone just around the corner, Denim Richards opens up about the secrets behind the unforgettable Colby and Teeter beatdown during the TV series’ third season.

During a recent interview on Chatting With B, the Yellowstone actor reflected on the shocking scene. “We have this exciting time with Jen Landon, who plays Teeter. You know, we have this crazy in this creek where Wade and his partner are coming to essentially attack and so you know that scene was definitely not a one-taker.”


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Richards went on to describe the Yellowstone scene and said there was a lot of moving parts. “You know, it’s a creek which felt more like a river – it’s pretty big. There’s horses that are coming. [Wade and company] kind of whipping us, kicking, and then these horses are having to stomp on us. [While] we’re in the water, trying to come up for air. And so they’re just based on the geography of the kind of coordination to come up for air.”

The Yellowstone actor went on to say that his character and Teeter had to break up the fight, which wasn’t anything viewers expected. However, the shooting of the scene wasn’t a walk in the park either. “You have to remember that it’s take after take after take on going into the water and coming out of the water. It’s very, very cold, but it was so much fun.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Denim Richards Describes Himself as a ‘Very Physical’ Person
Meanwhile, Yellowstone actor Denim Richards discussed what it felt like for him to be physical on the TV show’s set. “You know, for me as an artist, I live for things like that. I’m a physical person. I grew up as an athlete. So for me, that kind of physicality of acting is something that allows me toile really get my teeth into.”

Also while reflecting on the Yellowstone scene, Richards recalled the conditions of the water while filming. “The water was so cold, and now I mean, it wasn’t as bad as during the day – or when we’re talking about that scene specifically, the next day, or the next episode when I’m coming out of the water.”

Richards then discusses what the water was like at night. “It was so cold. But again, it was one of those moments, you know; we have the best stunt doubles.”

In regards to director Stephen Kay’s approach to the Yellowstone scene, Richards recalls an interesting moment on set. “So we’re getting ready to get in the water, and I take my shirt off, and Jen has to take her clothes off, essentially, and get in the water, and Stephen and I can’t remember who the AD was at the time, takes his shirt off as well. And I was like, ‘Guys, what are you doing?’ and he was like, ‘I would never ask you guys to do something, you know, that you know I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.’ I was like, dang, like that’s what’s up.”